anonymous thought trees

Name the free
... because efficiency often wins over other priorities
... .. and part of PRiMi, which hosts experimental and genre-free concerts
Name the tree
... chink
... .. though ofc. much more is possible with FRP than with modular-synth modules
... .. is a direct parallel to the modular synth interface with CV-in/out
... the economy need to include what life on earth values, in its calculations
... lots of useful extensions and support for most programming languages
... NOW also released online (: See
... and let users own their own data, so they can move it if they want
... and makes sense, as art, in its extreme, can be created by and for a single entity
... nice evening (:
... Lille nysgerrig sjæl vil mere end hvad er godt. Kommer enten til at lære eller sørge. klodset dekonstruktion som biprodukt af skabelsen af en stor elastikhoppebold
... which, in relation to exponential growth, means we are too late
... tank penge tank
... will the concept of mental illness then include bugs in software?
Word birth
... hrrvn
Anon trees?
... ok