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rand [at] r7p5 [dot] earth 


Niseq: Rethinking how live visual art is made

At Bornhack, 2020

This talk is one of my first public exposures of niseq. It includes the ideas behind niseq as a tool and the technology. It also begins with a short live improvisation - where the full performance at the same festival is here.

Pure functional game programming in OCaml

At F#nctional Copenhageners, 2019

Flappy is a simple, pure, functional reactive game in the browser. It's implemented with an Elm-like structure, game-entity subtyping using polymorphic variants, local multiplayer and collision-detection.

MirageOS demo

At F#nctional Copenhageners, 2017

Users connected to each others unikernels, each unikernel visualizing its connections.


At F#nctional Copenhageners, 2016

The implementation of an interactive art-installation using OCaml running on the Raspberry Pi with sensor-input, and interfacing with Supercollider.


Developer and artist at rand7plan5


Keywords: Art, live performance, improvisation, visual synthesis, cinéma pur, OCaml, FRP, OpenGL, zmq

Fullstack Scala programmer at Paqle

Keywords: Entity-linking, algorithms, react, databases, services, GNU/Linux, functional programming

OCaml programmer and sysadmin at Purebyte

Keywords: Diagram library, GNU/Linux, postfix mailserver, GDPR, functional programming


Separate courses

  • Programming Languages at Washington University (Coursera)
  • Sound-synthesis using Functional Programming at DTU
  • Machine learning at Stanford (Coursera)

Computer Science and Philosophy at Roskilde University

  • Notable courses: Interaction-design, AI, discrete mathematics
  • Projects
    • Natural language processing in OCaml
    • Analysis of scraped LinkedIn profile-types + ANT analysis
    • The ideals behind programming languages
    • The definition of art today
  • Art installations
    • Intentionally unhelpful automatic door
    • Blue room with warped projection of spectator
    • Interactive synth-ball installation at inner Copenhagen
  • Teaching
    • Functional programming in OCaml at introductory programming course (1 session)
    • Introduction to pure functions for beginners (1 session)
    • Assisting teacher for programming course in Processing

Photography at Fatamorgana, Copenhagen

Film at Copenhagen Film and Photo-school